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Solar Assisted Space Heating and Ireland
Meeting Residual Heat Loads with a Seasonal Store
A Year in the Life of a Passive House combined with Seasonal Energy Storage
One Passivhaus Search for Zero Carbon
Phase Change Materials in the Irish Residential Built Environment
Initial Results from the EINSTEIN Project
Solar Assisted Space Heating and Ireland

This paper demonstrates that Ireland is potentially the best country in Europe for solar assisted space heating, particularly when seasonal solar energy storage is combined with the exceptionally low space heating demand of Passive Houses. The performance of a real Passive House with a Seasonal Energy Store is examined and presented.

The Critical Success Factors(CSFs) for a real Passive House with an aqueous Seasonal Energy Store are identified and discussed, including climate, solar yield matching with heating demand, optimisation of both the solar energy storage and the heating system, and finally costs. The performance of an installation in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, is analysed.

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