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Using techniques and tools developed in applied research projects, Energy Expertise develops tailored tools and provides specialist consultancy and R&D-based services in the low energy building sector.

The company focuses on the two complimentary sectors of consultancy and software tools development in the niche of solar heating of low-energy buildings in Temperate Maritime Climates.

There is a significant focus on providing holistic consultancy services. Typically the initial focus is on decreasing existing energy use in buildings and then on the application of renewable energy to further reduce the carbon footprint.  The tailored solutions recognise that to be successful, they must simultaneously operate well from the perspectives of energy, finance and carbon intensity.

Programme Management is carried out using the MSP methodology (the standard used by the UK Government) and can be applied to small construction projects through to complex multinational programmes with multiple contracting entities.

Business and Financial analysis of energy related projects is a particular speciality and enables a cost benefit analysis to be carried out on projects facilitating informed decision making.

Finally, independent monitoring and reporting of energy related systems performance using Direct Marketing techniques is a particular speciality.

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