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Solar Assisted Space Heating and Ireland
Meeting Residual Heat Loads with a Seasonal Store
A Year in the Life of a Passive House combined with Seasonal Energy Storage
One Passivhaus Search for Zero Carbon
Phase Change Materials in the Irish Residential Built Environment
Initial Results from the EINSTEIN Project
A Selection of Published Material

Extensive monitoring of a number of Passive Houses with Seasonal Thermal Storage (STES), located in Ireland and the continent has been taking place siince 2008. The publication of the performance figures is valuable in that little has been published to date on actual performance figures especially in relation to the application of Seasonal Thermal Storage to low energy housing.

The documents to the left represent a selection of the peer reviewed material and conference presentations which have been published to date.

Journal papers are at various stages of preparation, and will be made available through this site once published.

If you would like to be informed when new material is published, please send an e-mail to shane@energyexpertise.net and you will be added to our distribution list.

For information on Scandinavian Homes, the manufacturer of the low energy houses under study, click


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